IBR Sheeting
Polycarb & Polyethylene Roofing and Cladding

ECO PLASTICS ROOFING manufactures revolutionary polyethylene roofing and cladding, suitable for many applications ...

Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic Systems
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Our materials used in manufacturing these components are ideal to grow vegetables or other crops, its strong
and can't rust...

Polycarb & Polyethylene Roofing
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ECO PLASTICS manufactures revolutionary polyethylene roofing suitable for many applications ...

Wheel Barrow liners
Plastic Wheelbarrow Liners
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Extend the life of your wheelbarrows by protecting them with our plastic wheelbarrow liners ...

Blast hole covers
Blast Hole Covers
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Keep debris form your newly drilled holes with our durable and high visibility blasthole covers. Can be custom made to order...

Cattle Water Troughs
Water & Feeding Bins
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With our wide variety of water troughs and feeding bins you can be sure your animals will be well fed and hydrated...

Fodder trays
Fodder trays
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Ideal to grow fodder to feed your animals. Our smooth surface is helps with fodder removal and easy cleaning. Can't rust...

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We specialise in a range of plastic products for INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, AGRICULTURAL, DOMESTIC and MINING use suitable for various applications…

Roof sheeting, Fodder trays, Wheel barrow liners and custom plastic mold designs.

About Eco Plastics and our plastic products

Eco Plastics© in Bloemfontein has been a leading company in industry since 2009.

We produce items for industrial, home and lifestyle enhancement by manufacturing and supplying plastic roof sheeting and various custom plastic products to clients. In addition, Eco Plastics© also supply custom plastic items to the building industry and farmers. For instance, plastic wheel barrow bin liners for builders as well as plastic roof sheeting from corrugated to IBR sheets. For farmers we supply fodder trays and sheeting materials to assist in building hydroponics systems as well as water troughs and feeders for different types of livestock.


Our plastic products used in various industries:

Plastic Products

Wheel-Barrow-liners plastic products
  • Hydroponic Systems
  • Fodder Trays
  • Other Plastic Products
  • Cattle Feeder
  • Chicken Coop Deviders
  • Harvey Tiles
  • And More…


  • Factory / Warehouse Skylights
  • Factory / Warehouse Side Cladding
  • Chemical Stores


IBR roof sheeting used - plastic products
  • Nurseries
  • Hot Houses
  • Parking Port Roofing
  • Entertainment Areas / Lapa’s
  • SkylightsTool
  • Sheds


Hydroponics plastic products
  • Green Houses / Tunnels
  • Seedling Nurseries
  • Hatcheries
  • Farm Stores
  • Dairy Roofing
  • Stables


  • Patios
  • Braai Areas
  • Sunrooms
  • Garden Huts
  • Gazebos
  • Carport roofs
  • Pergolas
  • Verandas
  • Awnings
  • Standard conventional roofing

About Tests

Test-laboratory-SABS Tests

Tests conducted by University of Stellenbosch and S.A.B.S – Test report number 611/85391/95 SABS.

The SABS predicts a useful life span of 20 to 25 years on this product. Therefore you can use this plastic product with ease of mind knowing it will last for years to come.

Some of our products

Blast-hole cover size comparison

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