Eco Plastics Roofing

ECO PLASTICS ROOFING manufactures revolutionary polyethylene roofing and cladding, suitable for many applications such as:
  • Patios / Entertainment areas / Pergolas
  • Carports / Shade ports / Verandas
  • Stoep / Sun-rooms / Awnings
  • Garden-huts / Tool-sheds / Wendy Houses
  • Greenhouse / Nurseries / Gazebo’s
  • Factories / Warehouses / Workshops (Side cladding and/or skylights)
  • Even conventional house roofing.
The roof sheets are 100% compatible with conventional galvanized sheets and are manufactured in the following profiles:
  • IBR 686
  • Corrugated 762
• We manufacture any length on request • Colours are available in Opal Strong, Light, Bright, attractive and manufactured from high quality UV Stabilized Polyethylene resin, our sheets have unique qualities making it ideal for any roofing purpose from carports and patios to conventional roof cover for houses and industrial buildings.

Protection from rain and wind without the darkness

ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets are durable for outdoor application, because UV stabilizer is added during the manufacturing process. Note that the colorant makes virtually no difference to the brightness of the light in comparison to white sheets. ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets provide good temperature isolation from outside. It has a low noise level. Helps reduce the need for electric lights by allowing more natural light. ECO PLASTICS Polyethylene sheets are durable with an expected life span of 20 to 25 years. No maintenance is required: no paint, no rust.

General Specifications

  • Polyethylene is highly resistant to corrosion, mineral acids, organic acids, salt solutions, fats and oils.
  • The material burns but does not emit toxic gasses during burning.
  • For practical purposes polyethylene sheets do not transmit UV radiation.
  • Our product is environment friendly because the material can be recycled and it is non-toxic.

Quality Tests

Tests conducted by University of Stellenbosch and S.A.B.S – Test report number 611/85391/95 Life Span Of Eco Roof Sheets. The SABS predicts a useful life span of 20 to25 years on this product.

Suppliers of Polycarb and Polyethylene roof sheets incl.

  • IBR – normal and wide span
  • Corrugated – normal and wide span
Available colours for Polyethylene roof sheets
  • White
Polycarbonate roof sheets incl.
  • IBR normal and wide span
  • Corrugated Normal and wide span
  • Big Six
  • Superclad
  • Industrial Seven
  • Kliplock
  • Mini Corrugated
  • Greca
Available colours for Polycarbonate roof sheets
  • Clear
  • Opal
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Bronze
Flat sheets
  • Perspex
  • Plexi glass
  • Accrylic sheets
  • Polycarbonate
Colours for flat sheets
  • Clear
  • Opal